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Review panel criticized: Protests call for replacing police review agency

"As a police officer, the use of deadly force should be an absolute last resort." --HLO client Lorenzo Davis. Davis was fired by ChicaGotham bosses at the Independent Police Review Authority (IPRA) for refusing to change his findings that some Chicago police officers had used deadly force, unnecessarily. Before he became an IPRA investigator, Davis was a Chicago Police officer himself for 23 years, a District Commander in Austin, a detective, and even a Training Academy instructor on the use of force. He is also an attorney. The IPRA bosses who fired Davis were asked to step down in the wake of the Laquan McDonald scandal-- but the mayor has still not offered Davis his job back. He has not thanked Davis for standing up to those corrupt IPRA bosses and doing the right thing for the citizens of this City. Instead, the mayor's attorneys at the Corporation Counsel's Office are seeking to dismiss his lawsuit. In his unemployment, Davis has had time to answer questions about the corruption inside IPRA and the Chicago Police Department.


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